Friday, October 13, 2006

You Jackin' It?

...noticing a bit of a recurring theme this week, hmmm.... nevertheless, some Friday Fun with the Daily Show's Jason Jones in a trenchcoat with a stick mic...

...because it makes me smile.

SONG & ARTIST? - "She gave me the queen
she gave me the king
she was wheelin' and dealin'
just doin' her thing
she was holdin' a pair, but I had to try
her deuce was wild, but my ace was high
but how was I to know that she'd been dealt with before...?"


Riddley Walker said...

Hehehe, Carl may well not be Jackin' It, but AC/DC sure are... ;-)

Great piece. I'm wondering whether we shouldn't start doing some of our own over here...

William said...


Kelly J. Compeau said...

Oh, my Lord, that was funny. I really should watch that show more often.