Saturday, October 14, 2006

Regarding Technorati...

...and inspired by my brother's 'joke' page in previous post - I'm pulling an Epstein/August and 'asking the hive' for help. For whatever reason, Technorati isn't feeling the Uninflected love. If you click the 'blogs that link here' button in the sidebar, you get this:

uninflected images juxtaposed
Rank: 1,834,991 (No blogs link here)
Updated: 147 days ago

It's the (No blogs link here) part that makes no sense, because directly underneath it shows there are a bunch of links. I've updated and pinged, I've claimed and reclaimed, I've pinged again - not to mention a half a dozen emails to the help desk (zero response)....still no change - I languish in last place of all blogs in the world.

Is there a switch that just needs to be turned on? Or someone that needs to be paid off? Ideas anyone?

Update: I actually received word back from the Technorati Help Desk, and they have fixed something so my stats show I've been updated - but still No Blogs Link Here...sigh - I better start reading that book.


DMc said...

I think I know your problem.

Technorati is fucked.

There you go.


wcdixon said...

oh...THAT's the problem. Well, I guess I'm pooched.

Callaghan said...

I fear Technorati.

Good Dog said...

Ah, this takes me back to the days of bug-hunting through software upgrades., track down inconsistancies and sorting

New to Technorati myself, but having looked around various sites, the one thing different on UIJ is that Technorati is listed twice, at the top and bottom of the sidebar.

This may be nothing -- it probably is -- but ditch the top one temporarily and republish. Just to make sure the prblem isn't at your end.

Portnoy said...

did jew ever do the embed code thing on claiming ownership?

OH - dude. i think i know what it is!!!!


is that set to YES?????

wcdixon said...

Thanks for trying...

Good Dog: nice catch (didn 't realize there were two - deleted one - no change

Port: great suggestion, but went to Settings and it was set to deleted and reclaimed and released spiders and still - Updated 148 days ago - No Blogs Link Here - etc.

Feel like its something like that - a setting that needs to be on 'Yes' and isn't, but getting pretty close to saying 'whatever'...

DMc said...

Uh, I was serious in saying Technorati is fucked.

Every once in a while it "loses" references -- then sometimes it adds back references it lost as having been published only a couple days ago, when you know it was before that.

I don't know what causes it. But I know I've checked everything I've supposed to check, and embedded the right stuff and claimed and pinged and set to yes --

--and sometimes, technorati isn't working. it gets higgeldy. Then it usualy rights itself in a few weeks.

A few days ago, my "blogs that link here" was seriously off too, but now it's back.

My suggestion: start a nice long book. And when you're finished that in a week or so and see if Technorati's finished its tantrum.

Sal said...

haven't got a clue. But its quite nice to know I'm not the only clueless one :)

MaryAn Batchellor said...

I, too, fear Technorati. It says 40 blogs link to mine but when I try to list them, it says there are none... it's a conspiracy to make me feel unpopular.