Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blog of the Year?

"Ladies and gentlemen...let me remind you - this is an exhibition, not a competition... please, no wagering." David Letterman

...I realize this is a little pointless because anyone who stops by Uninflected usually starts their day here - but I'm going to be the first to nominate DeadThingsOnSticks for blog of the year (they do have awards for these things, right?). Denis McGrath's voice, style, smarts, and insight into television and tv writing - especially about the Canadian scene - has been a consistent pleasure and joy to read for the past year and a bit.

I can honestly say his blog inspired me to leap into the pond, and though I always feel like a paler poorer cousin of someone who really knows what he's doing...I still love just trying to keep up.

And today DMc smacks down another monster writeup about the Canadian television industry and his top ten list of ways to try to fix it. Post of the year. Why? Because instead of just whining and bitching about the system as many of us have been want to do, he's offering up a lot of good smart suggestions on how to try to change it.

Enjoy that omelette, D. You deserve it.

EDIT: It must be in the air, Diane Kristine over at Unified Theory of Nothing Much weighed in today as well on the topic of making hit Canadian tv. I do so hope people out there who can actually impliment change are reading...and taking notes.


English Dave said...

Got my vote.

Call US TV ruthless but the best rises to the top. It is audience geared rather than a handful of execs with an agenda.

That was a great and populist post.

Diane Kristine said...

I'm with you, and not just for the TV posts. But shh, don't tell him ... I wouldn't want to create any big egos ;-)

Portnoy said...

if i knew anything about the great white north i might agree with you. since i don't my vote goes for Babes In Bikinis Blog. Better pictures, less writing.

wcdixon said...

Less talk...more rock - I hear you Portnoy

Callaghan said...

I'm with you Dixon, DMc's blog was my doorway into this entire sordid blog culture.

The standard to be measured against.