Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Winks, Blinks, And Familar Links...

Slugging it out - fighting a cold while cringing from looming deadlines - but as for tips, I ain't really got one on the tip of the tired about: Writing isn't about writing, it's about rewriting..?

"Tell us something we don't know!" I can hear Callaghan and Jutratest and Dmc unison even.

Well what about all that new tv...(though one of my telly's went on the blink last night)

CSI Miami continues to amaze me with its cardboard characters and pedestrian storytelling and yet was ranked as the most popular show in the world recently...'Watcha got?'

Heroes - ep 2 held up for me - big money going into that show

Veronica Mars premiere - still lovin' it (Rob Thomas is today's Joss Whedon)

Studio 60 - ep 3 kind of layed there for me...too much of the actual show in my opin - but it made Alex happier, so that's got to count for something

Friday Night Lights - slick and solid - but not sure if its my kind of show

Dexter - creepy yet kooky in a what I imagine to be a Martell sort of way...thanks to Bill Cunningham for pointing it out

Rent A Goalie - according to 101 it should be Rent a Foley (artist)? I found that one of the most original criticisms of a show I've ever heard....

Diane is probably suffering 'House' withdrawals already - send a medic

And Josh and John and John still have no idea who I am. What else is new.

But a nod is as good as a wink... to a blind horse.

SONG & ARTIST? -"In the mornin' don't say you love me
'Cause I'll only kick you outta the door
I know your name is Rita,
'cause your perfume's smellin' sweeter
Since when I saw you down on the floor."
"I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink
I'm so tired, my mind is on the blink
I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink...?"


Diane Kristine said...

Friday Night Lights - I thought it was sweet, and well-done, and I was bored out of my mind. Not my thing.

I ruthlessly deleted a lot of pilots I'd watched only 5 minutes of - that's what DVD is for, I guess - but I still have two eps of Heroes saved. Don't know why I think it might be my thing, when it's nothing like what I usually watch.

I wondered why Dexter wasn't on my original list of shows to watch, then realized I don't get the channel. That's really what DVD is for.

Studio 60 I still love and am so far immune to its flaws.

House withdrawal, oh god yes, but I saved finishing my season two DVD review until today so it felt almost like a normal Tuesday, then I'll focus on Intelligence to take my mind off the pain for the next three weeks, then thank god for time shifting possibilities.

I'm fighting a cold too. It sucks. And "I'm so tired" - Beatles. Me too. Good night.

Jutratest said...

There's something wrong with me. I think I myself see the world in Michael Mann/Peter Burg-ovision. I could seriously just go through my boring day with shaky vision and some muted soundtrack and be totally entertained.

Next time you're at the bank or work, or on the street, just pay attention to all the things your eyes notice, all the tiny things you notice. Gum on the sidewalk, a girl walking with her guy, a bored hot dog salesman, a shop window, a dead tree, hair blowing in someone's face. I love how they sort of recreate that experience of being in the moment.

The Film Diva said...

I have been trying to leave comments here, but you only allow people with blogger (i.e. until this week no beta-blogger) folks to comment.... I will be haunting your pages once again, rest assured. Trust me, the worst thing in the world is not being able to express myself to anyone within eyeshot!

Crashdummie said...

Uff, I don't even know half the shows you write abt... I guess that happens when you live at the Far Side.

But yupp, I am still amazed ova how good CSI Miami is doing - yet I dont even know a single soul that actually follows it.

Yey for Veronica Mars - guess they are airing season 3 huh?

Pynchon said...

Channel 5 in the UK has purchased all of the "C.S.I." series. There are people I know who watch all of them religiously and even (blashphemy!) claim that "Miami" is the best of them.


"Vegas" the whole way, if you ask me. Way superior to the other two.

Callaghan said...

But the question is, what did you think of the new opening credit sequence on Veronica Mars?

Seems to be a hot topic this week.

Personally, I enjoyed it. Must admit, it did kind of remind me of a Gap or Old Navy commercial, but I still dug it. Especially the shot of Keith Mars cleaning his gun right at the very end. (and no, that isn't euphemism)

Oh, and I know someone got the Beatles tune, but the other one is "Stay With Me" by Rod the Mod.

wcdixon said...

I'm sort of torn on the title sequence - yes it was cool, but title sequences are like a logo or identify and provide the window to a show, but aren't 'the show'. I always admired X Files' for retaining that cheap-looking cheezy opening even after it became a uberhit.