Friday, October 20, 2006

Looking Forward And Back... (And Technorati Connects)... this fall's new shows find an audience (or not), it's already time to start speculating about the next crop. This article in Mediaweek gives an overview of some series in development for next years tv season.

Personally, I'll be keeping tabs on 'Swingtown', having been involved in pitching a very similar concept set in present day (title even similar) to Canuck nets earlier this year (to little interest unfortunately - this was one of those 'depends on the execution' ones).

Deadsville out there in Blogland today.

So I'll try to generate some action and pass on this entertaining article from the Chicago Tribune on Best (and Worst) new characters from this fall's tv season. I'm liking Michael C Hall as Dexter...

EDIT: after too much talk about it and much roundy roundy, Uninflected has finally arrived to the Land of Technorati! I'm sure we can all sleep now. And somehow, I feel Portnoy at Reel Hollywood was responsible...he gave this bum a dollar in his own way.


Caroline said...

Good info, thanks. I've been tracking my own spreadsheet as things change.

Curious to see Rene Balcer's show. Betting $$$ it is based on a real person.

I have absolutely nothing else that is intelligent or witty to contribute today, sorry.

Callaghan said...

Second best character played by Gerald McRaney this year: the Mayor on Jericho. He was 10 times better on Deadwood as George Hearst. But I'm still giving Jerich a few more weeks.

Funniest guy on a show that had no business being funny: The swinger roommate guy on Happy Hour.

Funniest girl on a show that had no business being funny: The weird friend of the swinger guy on Happy Hour.

Portnoy said...

hey guess who is finally listed properly at Technorati?

go ahead. guess....

Good Dog said...

Hey hey, Technorati has finally got its act together! (Although I was surprised to find a link back to Thought Wad on a UK site that wasn't listed. Still....)

At a slight disadvantage over the new season shows, but somehow the season three premiere of Lost found its way onto one of my hard drives.

Thought the opening shot of Juliet looking in the mirror and trying to hold it together was just remarkable. Great set up for a character that can go either way.

(Nice the way it referenced the opening shots of season one and two as well).