Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm In Love With (The Music In) My Car

I was thinking about doing a 'year in my music' review last month, but as I started to put it together I was struck by how average and 'mainstream' so many of my choices were...and I ditched it. I mean, pretty much everything I was going to shout about was already on Q Magazine or Spin Magazine or Rolling Stone mags 'best of' lists (which got me wondering...have I become so uncool? Or have all the rags just gone more cool?). Anyhoo. Bo-ring.

But then I was reading an article recently that labelled some of the picks I was planning to highlight as 'recent discoveries', so I decided to do a quick revisit.

First the rules, pretty simple's are ranked by the length of time a band or artists' disc spent in the cd player of my car (and who doesn't love their car + great tunes...I mean, really) --- most time in the deck wins.

Yeah, you heard me. This ain't about kudos for bragging about the obscure, hip, cool, rad music I came across... this is about what stayed in the player, playa.

So counting down, or up, the top five:

5) Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Cardinology - 3 weeks 4 days

Alt-country meets stadium rock... great cruising music... wrote about it HERE.... check out "Magick"

4) Bob Mould - District Line - 3 weeks 6 days
Beck - Modern Guilt - 3 weeks 6 days

A tie between two alt pop punk mavericks...wrote about 'District Line' HERE...'Modern Guilt' a little bit HERE (it grew on me)... check out "Gamma Ray"

3) Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid - 4 weeks 2 days

Courtesy Callaghan giving a thumbs up...hard to put a finger on what exactly I liked so much about this UK bands' folksy yet richly textured release, but it got played over and over and over...check out "One Day Like This"

2) The Killers - Day & Age - 5 weeks 1 day
Bit of surprise with this one, which after being casually tossed in for a quick 'let's give it a listen', just came out of the car a few days ago. Perhaps it was because of the cold, but I think because there was a whole lots of 80's 'Tears For Fearsy' and 'Human Leaguee' dance fun....check out "Human"

1) My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges - 7 weeks
TV on the Radio - Dear Science - 7 weeks

Yes, another tie. Kind of lame I know, but these were also the only two cd's I bought this year that spent considerable time in the deck, came out of the deck, and then went back in the deck again. So a bit of a cheat in that I combined their time spent in my vehicle's cd player, but whatever... they deserved it. Wrote about 'Evil Urges' HERE and 'Dear Science' HERE...both are brilliant...don't hesitate to purchase.

Other musical year end notes: didn't see a lot of live acts this year...Neil Young was special but the standout show would have to have been Kathleen Edwards and her band kicking out the jams for an hour at a folk festival. Her new cd Asking For Flowers with The Cheapest Key wasn't too shabby either.

And coolest 'very viral' music video of the year (I could take or leave the song)... Weezer's "Pork and Beans".

Just watch it and you'll understand what I mean.

Okay...we all good?


jimhenshaw said...

Dude, seriously -- do you keep track of exactly what days music goes in and out of your car?

I could never be that ana -- uh -- organized. I've got some stuff like "Brooks & Dunn - Greatest Hits" that's been in the machine so long it's probably vinyl.

But I do know "The Killers" went in sometime in November along with Rodney Crowell's "Diamonds and Dirt". Can't remember the whole list but Al Green and Solomon Burke have been in and out the last couple of weeks -- and of course the rap album I turn up real loud to annoy kids at the lights.

Callaghan said...

Awesome Queen reference.

Agreed on most choices. TVOTR and Elbow were my #1 and #2 of the year respectively too. Still need to grab that Ryan Adams album though. Gave up on him after I heard "Rock 'n' Roll."

Check out The Hold Steady. They're right up your alley.

Have you seen the live "One Day Like This" clip from Elbow at Glastonbury? Here:

And check out the crowd's singalong here:

wcdixon said...

Yeah Jim...I DO keep track of when a new cd goes into the 8 track, I mean, cd got a problem with that? It actually seems even sillier when I get into someone else's vehicle with their Ipod jacked right in set on random Dark Dance and off we go...I am so 1994.

But I do like to gauge a cd by whether I like the ENTIRE cd...still looking at the disc release as a self-contained entity to be enjoyed head to tail as opposed to just a round object to pluck songs from.

Callaghan: I liked Hold Steady's new one...but it only lasted about a week or two. Couldn't get into it enough for it to leap up into the top five. But Elbow is mesmerizing...thanks again for recommending.

scottycwilliam said...

my top 5 albums of '08

5. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Self-titled

4. Kaki King - Dreaming of Revenge

3. horse feathers - house with no home

2. Chad VanGaalen - Soft Airplane

1. Bobby & Blumm - Everybody Loves...

Thank me by listening.

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