Monday, July 07, 2008

Tripping Over My Morning Jacket

So ill today....sooooooo ill, one of those 'just put me outta my misery now' kinda days. Damn.

But being sick didn't keep me from continuing to groove on Evil Urges, the new release from My Morning Jacket. I fell for this band hard after their 2005 effort Z ("Keep it off the record, baby, off the record!")....and Urges hasn't disappointed.

But why....what makes this band stand out for me so much? They do some funk, alt country, classic rock and prog rock...I'm sure I'm not the first to try to pinpoint this Kentucky bands' sound as Wilco meets Prince meets Radiohead, but that's what I came up with. And yes their first single 'I'm Amazed' is more Wilco than anything else...

...until you hear the songs 'Evil Urges' or 'Highly Suspicious' from the same cd, and pinning them down becomes much more difficult.

I'd definitely liken them to two other young American bands I've enjoyed of late, Band of Horses and TV On The Radio...what with all the psychedelia-influenced classic rock with lotsa falsetto vocals --- my only real complaint about all these artists is the length of time between releases...3 years?? Too long, boys...too long.

But go trip out on My Morning'll be glad you did.

And I'm feeling better already.

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