Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby's On Fire...Again

Better throw 'em in the water...again.

I've been busy dousing flames on the personal front, but not too busy not to comment on some of the smoking hot writing about Canadian TV going on over at the house McGrath built.

Check out Trouble Down At Mill and Brandtastic...Denis poses some great questions and makes lots of wonderfully insightful observations --- but the answers, dammit...still so hard to find.

And while on the topic of Canadian television, TV Eh's Diane Kristine puts forth some seriously depressing revelations about difficulties she's had trying to promote our homegrown programs...HERE.

Finally, as an aside, we now get AMC in Buttkick...yay! So all caught up with the goodness that is Mad Men...and does anyone remember that Christina Hendricks (Joan) was on Firefly?

I just did. Mmmm. She's cool.


Good Dog said...

Yeah, Firefly. Yeah, that's right.

She was....

...what were we talking about?

Time to turn in over here. But I've got a real desire to plump up the pillows before I retire.


The Film Diva said...

Hey there! Book's not finished but my blogging moratorium is officially over. I got MONTHS of reading to catch up on, looks like.... Egads, ya been busy, Dixon!

morjana said...


Sob...sniff...oh, we'll always have memories of Saffron -- she was terrific.


Tim T said...

Our Mrs. Reynolds is one of my favourite Firefly episodes.

Ok, so almost all of them are my favourite, but this one is in the top 2 for me.

Well, off to go re-watch the entire season again...