Thursday, July 03, 2008

Light Me Up, Babe...

Those of us stuck out in the sticks or the boonies (or just not lucky enough to be part of any cable package in Canada that offers the AMC network) have had to endure months of listening to everyone else exalt the praises of Mad Men. That is until CTV began to broadcast the series last month on Sunday nights. But I've already missed a couple of episodes, so it was with much delight I purchased the DVD box set of Season 1 when it was released this week.

To coincide with the release, TV critic Alan Sepinwall gives it a nice write up, and today Jaime Weinman does up another one of his most excellent 'Better Know a Writing Staff' pieces over at TV Guidance.

And to ensure the cool factor award, it's packaged in a classy silver and black flip-top know, like a Zippo lighter. Mmmm....Beavis has got himself something hot to watch this summer.

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