Friday, January 16, 2009

To The Fringe...And Beyond!

Rummaging through my old vinyl and found this treasure from 60's British stage comedy/satire troupe Beyond The Fringe (aka Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett, and Jonathan Miller). And even though the clip is from the Secret Policeman's Ball as opposed to the original, take a Friday Fun trip back to the end of the world and discover: "Will this so to lay low...the mountains...of the earrrrtth."

Because it makes me smile.

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Corey said...

Nice flashback! I remember in 1981 seeing the Secret Policeman's Ball for the first time on VHS at a friend's house. It combined two of my favourite things; British comedy and British music. At the time Monty Python and Sting stood out for me. Looking at the youtube videos now, I am still amazed at what a treat it would have been to attend such a show with all that great talent on one stage.