Monday, January 05, 2009

All Hail The Canuck Blogfather

Several weeks ago (back when it wasn't -44 with the wind chill for the tenth straight day!), Ink Canada's Karen Walton put out a call to our industry for Creative Citizen of the Year nominations...

Sometimes, when an artist or cultural industry worker truly sets the bar for caring about more than the bottom line and the credits, we organize a little group virtual standing ovation for them, and try to bring eyes, ears & hearts to their efforts to improve the quality of life for human beings in general.

We miss more than we applaud here largely because these model citizens are generally rather modest about their gigantic Goodness-es.

So. If you know someone who ought to be applauded for the smallest acts of Giving a Damn, or the biggest... please use this space to bring them some luv and us some lessons on what cool really looks like.

Last night, after noting all the nominations and tallying all the votes, a recipient for Creative Citizen of the Year '08 was chosen...and no real surprise it's Denis McGrath - TV writer/producer, WGC Board Member, unofficial leader of the Canadian Writers Mafia, and of course, the mad blogging demon that is Dead Things ON Sticks.

McGrath's 'daddy cool' response:

Well hell's bells. For once, uncharacteristically, I don't really know what to say.

Except maybe this: three and a half years ago I started blogging because I felt isolated as a TV writer, and thought if only we were more of a community... maybe we'd be more effective, plugged in, and less generally abused. And maybe the work would get better.

Now here's that community made manifest ... created by us all but due in no small part to Karen Walton's Herculean efforts. What we do with this harnessed brainpower ... well, I guess now we start to figure that out.

Thanks. I'm muy chuffed.

Excellent choice, Karen and her band of Inkies...excellent choice.

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