Monday, January 26, 2009

Successfully Selling Cops And Malls And Ring Tones

I was coerced into seeing Paul Blart: Mall Cop by the kids last night...oh yes, they'll be keeping me company when I head to Grindhouse II later year --- and you can line up to start kicking my ass now, but "Mall Cop" actually wasn't that bad.

Structurally, the script worked pretty well. Yes, it was by the numbers, but it more or less tracked...hit all the right notes when and where it was supposed to...and things that were set up early deftly paid off late. And like the Die Hard formula it was riffing off of, Blart was a reluctant hero but still likeable, and he saved the day plus got the girl at the end.

I even found the music interesting. It was primarily retro, but also had a few urban R&B/Hip Hop tunes for the kids (though in the theatre I was at the young'uns seemed to know all the oldies too). That said, I don't know if you'll hear REO Speedwagon's "Take It On The Run", Survivor's "I Can't Hold Back", and Rasheeda's "My Bubble Gum" together in any other movie this year. (Survivor...awesome!)

"I'm the type of girl you want to chew on like your bubblegum..."

It was a teenage girl's ringtone...but the phone ended up in Blart's possession. Hilarity ensued every time it rang.

My kids ate it all up (and judging by the movie's performance at the box office so far, they're not alone)...and surprisingly I didn't want to spit it out the minute the title sequence started to roll.

Go figure.

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Trevor B. Cunningham said...

I hate to admit it, but I have wanted to see this movie. When I saw Paul Bart being dragged by an old man in a 'scooter-chair' I laughed. I still laugh when I see the clip. does that make me a bad person?