Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Have A Crush On Kathleen Edwards

It was ladies night at the Regina Folk Festival this evening...Kathleen Edwards followed by Susanne Vega, with Jully Black pulling up the rear (no Steve Earle this year but I Still Feel Alright).

The scorecard? Vega...sorry, but kinda meh. a real talent and her 8 piece band packed serious R&B punch, but twas just a little too loud and hip-hoppy for my taste...(though her Seven Day Fool was sweeeeet)

Which left Canuck alt/country folk rocker Kathleen Edwards...mmmm.

Let's just say, her set ROCKED. Ms. Edwards was putting out and having fun and knocked the crowd on its ass. Song highlights included 'In State', 'The Cheapest Key', an impromptu segue into Heart's 'Barracuda' in the middle of one tune...and the showstopping 'Back To Me'.

After she finished, I did something I've never done before. I purchased her new cd Asking For Flowers and stood in line with the intention of her signing it. You see, I was smitten. Actually, I'd been smitten since hearing her first two cd's, 2003's Failer and 2005's Back To Me. I loved these cd's. Seriously. Plus chicks with guitars kinda slay me.

Anyway, when I got to the front of the line, I said this was my first time and asked where she usually 'did it'. And she laughed and said: "On the linear notes cover, though some like it on the plastic sleeve." I just nodded dumbly and said: "Wherever..." She pried the disc from my nervous fingers and signed: 'Kathleen Edwards Regina 2008', then handed it back to me and asked if I'd like a photograph with her. Alas, I had no camera. So she shrugged and pointed at the signed cd and said: 'There you you can show all your friends and they can say 'Who the hell is Kathleen Edwards?' "

I only hope I didn't look too intense and scary when I shook my head and replied: "Oh no...they will know of you. Believe you me. They. Will. Know."

Listen to her songs.

Here's her website.

And here's her blog. Yes...she has a blog.

Smitten I say.


Lee said...

Ah Will, your taste is impeccable. I too have been starry-eyed and love-struck since Failer. Wonderful stuff. I'm very jealous.

jimhenshaw said...

Yep, your friends do know who she is and she's awesome.

DMc said...

Who's a wittle stalker-walker!
You are!
Yes You!
Wuzza wuzza wuzza.

She had me at "I don't think your wife would like my friends."