Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weapons Of Choice (Music for the Road)

Took a daylong road trip over the weekend, and even though I'd purchased the new Beck and The Hold Steady cd's, it was the 'jingle jangle' songing that came a following me.

It's not like the new Beck and H Steady were embarrassing, but they fell victim to sounding too much like someone else or like from some other instead, out came:

Bob Dylan's Modern Times, a disc that had remained unopened for like over a year beside my stereo...what a shame.

That was followed up by Steve Earle's Washington Square Serenade... mmmm...I was in alt-country heaven.

The journey home began with Tom Waits Frank's Wild Years...a brilliant snapshot of Waits at the height of his powers.

And closing out the highway drive was Tom Petty's Greatest Hits 2008 (which was kind of a stupid buy since I already own his boxset Playback, but whateva...)...stop dragging my heart around!

This is what you call a post with no point...what was playing in your car this weekend?


Christina said...

I listened to Frank's Wild Years last week too, but not in my car - at home. (I'm in a Tom Waits revival phase - also put in Blue Valentine and Big Time and maybe Rain Dogs.) Tom Petty is really good driving music. I've had Grateful Dead - the Arista Years in my car CD player for the past few weeks. Double disk of their later work.

Callaghan said...

Really been into the new Elbow album lately. The new Beck is good, but not legendary.

Haven't had a chance to listen to the new Hold Steady yet. Just saw that they're touring with the Drive-by Truckers in November...that's a must-see.

Really looking forward to the new TV on the Radio and Ben Folds albums next month.

Still on an Iggy and the Stooges high since the show last week.

And Frank's Wild Years always hits the spot. I was listening to Bone Machine over the weekend.

Frank "Dolly" Dillon said...

James McMurtry -- a honest to god C/W protest singer.

wcdixon said...

Will check out Elbow...and McMurtry is 'great' open prairie road driving music.

M said...

Hmmmm I feel less old than I have been lately, I like Audioslave on the road and have had fond experiences with the Wu Tang Clan, Dragonforce is good to keep you up on those late night drives but lately I have been into Seven Mary Three's "Rock Crown" or any album by them really, they have a new one out called Day and Night Driving which sounds good on the internet but I can't find it in stores. Also "Carefree Highway" by Canada's Gord is a great driving tune as well as "The Road I Must Travell" by The Night Watchman.

Callaghan said...

The Elbow album is a grower. Called the Seldom Seen Kid. To make sure you get hooked, look up "Elbow Grounds For Divorce" and/or "Elbow Leaders of the free world" on youtube. Then go from there....