Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Day

Kids heading back to school today, and I'm always amazed at how frazzled they get. You know, running around making sure their hair is washed and 'just right'...that their new clothes look 'just right'...that they have all their 'supplies', and definitely absolutely want to get to class early.

Because maybe this time it will be different.

I suppose it's not unlike starting a new gig on a TV series. There's a nervous'll try to look more presentable, perhaps brush the teeth and comb the hair after donning a new shirt. And you pack the computer bag with new notebooks and a package of your favourite pens. And you definitely absolutely try to get in early.

But before long you're dragging your sorry tired ass in as late as possible, maybe even wearing the same top you wore the night before. You know, after you realize its just another 8 month gig (like another school year), and you make a few friends but the jerks are still jerks, and it's really just about grinding out the scripts (homework)...getting there early and all the 'appearances' stuff seems kinda irrelevant.

I guess you could say going to school prepares you for working in TV.

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