Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dear TV On The Radio...

Please consider this letter my small token of appreciation for your new cd Dear Science. Your original blend of funk, soul, jazz, and new wave/punk rock is a juxtaposition worth listening to, not to mention it makes me wanna dance.

I heard some of the new release HERE, and more of it OVER HERE...and then I purchased the cd when it hit the stores yesterday. Plus you put out trippy Webisodes like THIS, and a new video for 'Golden Age' on the Youtubes.

Mmmm. Cool musical goodness.

We have some history together. You got my attention with 'Wolf Like Me' from Return To Cookie Mountain. You sunk your hooks deeper into me with 'Staring At The Sun' off Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes. And you hail from brother lives in Brooklyn.

Your bizarre sonic stylings inspired by diverse musical influences seems like it shouldn't work, but it does. I am, once again, impressed and entranced.

Some day I'm going to start to act my age...put away the music that my eldest daughter listens to and wants to tell me about but then is almost disappointed when she learns I'm already all over it --- and start being all about the classical and opera.

But until that day comes, I still want my TV on the Radio.


wcdixon (a fan)

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