Friday, September 05, 2008

Harper...Again, With Feeling

Whereas this clip of Stephen Harper is supposed to be funny...

...these two ads are in many ways funnier... (and perhaps even worthy of a best dramatic performance award)

Both spots feel like they should end with a quick off camera VO: "As long as they don't want to work in the arts and culture industries..."


RixelStudios said...

you make me want to get ahold of the advert, add that to the end of the commercial as subs, then repost it to youtube with all the same tags. That'd be fun.. I might just do that ^_^

Anonymous said...

I did not laugh, why? Although I may not agree with Harper in every aspect of government and the moc ad does make some points I do not believe this is they type of slander that needs to be in politics. We will see more of it come and its a complete joke that this is how politics is played and portrayed. If this is what politics has come the to joke is not Harper but the person that made that mock ad. I also dislike the personable ads by Harper. Good political stand point! This is why politics is dead or if it isn't it might as well be. They waste our time effort and money with out offering us anything but a joke. Good work Canada.