Thursday, June 07, 2007

Brett Sullivan...In The Hot Seat

I know I'm just slacking on the blog these days, but busy getting ready for Banff plus a few other things...and sometimes the inspiration is there and sometimes it ain't. Lately, mostly it's been "ain't".

But one cool thing about the blog has been reconnecting with some folks from the way back when days. Brett Sullivan is one of those folks.

Brett was an editor on Psi Factor, but he was always aspiring to direct (then again, who isn't). He put together a short with Matt Frewer that was kinda quirky cool during his stint on the show. And then we lost touch, until I literally bumped into him in the lobby of a studio up in Edmonton a few years ago. He was in town to direct the second installment of the Ginger Snaps trilogy (Ginger: Unleashed) , most likely secured from his most excellent editing on the most excellent Ginger Snaps.

Anyway, he recently completed directing a new low budget horror flick entitled The Chair (formerly Hush). It goes something like this:
Danielle, a young psychology student, unknowingly awakens an evil specter lurking in the dark recesses of her new home. To prove to her sister, Anna, that she isn't delusional, Danielle sets out to document the haunting...with horrifying results. She unleashes the soul of Edgar Crowe, a vicious child killer, who quickly seizes control of her life and uses Danielle like a pawn to resurrect his ghastly "Panic Chair." Now, Anna faces an impossible task - destroy Crowe without destroying her sister.

Here's some links to Brett's blog, the official site, and a trailer:

I feel like I'm stepping on Cunningham's turf pushing this kinda stuff, but what the hey... it's all for a good cause.

Go check it out and let Brett know what you think.


Hush The Movie said...

WTF - I hate that picture of me.... but thanks for the blog space.... any publicity is good... took me by surprise to see my ugly mug so huge on your blog... glad I could inspire you Will.. my job for today is done... except I have to finish marinating and curing my Panda jerky...

Bill Cunningham said...

Will, there's always room at the table for more pulp. I am a big fan of the Ginger Snaps movies too, so there.

And you forget I'm marketing a bunch of Canadian pics for worldwide consumption so you can be forgiven for stepping on my toes a bit. It happens quite a bit as i have rather large feet.