Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Askwith! Who?

So this will only matter to like 3 people but as Jutratest just commented:
Which is more impressive, the Ducks winning the Stanley Cup, or Askwith overtaking Cunningham?

I'm going to to say Mark Askwith's comeback. Two points down tonight after being over thirty points behind not that long ago, and by the end of the first period he ties and then overtakes the Cunningham (who'd led since, like, April?) in what turns out to be the last game of the NHL season.

Awesome finish to the pool, gang.


CAROLINE said...

Quite impressive, Asquith. What I wanna know is, what treasures are you all sending him as his spoils of victory?

M J Reid said...

A comeback for the ages! Snatching victory from the slavering Californian jaws of defeat! A triumph of meta-gaming!

Yes, congrats indeed.