Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rhymin' Weinman...Or Fifty Ways To Lose Your Mind Thinking About The TV Industry Here In Canada Lately

Jaime Weinman at Macleans rocks with this little diddy regarding today's CRTC ruling that CTV couldn't have the City TV stations in their takeover deal with CHUM:

Five little stations,
Tied to CHUM no more.
One was switched to hard-core porn,
And then there were four.

Four little stations
No one thought to buy.
The History channel altered one
To all-CSI.

Three little stations,
Wondering where it ends.
Global purchased one of them
For reruns of Friends.

Two little stations,
Both with special needs.
Google came and rigged one up
To show YouTube feeds.

One little station,
Tired of these debates,
It did the true Canadian thing
And moved to the States.

CTV has 30 days to rejig or flip or find another buyer for City...until then, can you feel the uncertainty in the air? Yeah baby!

Between this and the upcoming hearings for the pending CanWest Media takeover of AAC, the Green Paper II report forecasting "the threat of an imminent collapse of the broadcast system in this country...", Jim Shaw of Shaw Cable flipping off the CTF again, ACTRA stamping their feet outside Global's Fall TV launch, more advertising and less indiginous television drama, the Gemini Awards coming to Regina??

All I can do is steal one from Jon Stewart and say it's time for... Clusterf*#k to the Banff(house)!

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