Friday, June 08, 2007

What Is Wrong With People?

All morning on CNN and KTLA and Fox News and especially they've been covering the ongoing silliness of Paris Hilton early release from prison and subsequent order back to court today. has been posting blog updates every few minutes.

Coverage? Under the guise of calling this a story about preferential treatment of the rich and famous and a travesty of the U.S. Justice system, they've given themselves an excuse to have no less than 6 news helicopters circling in the sky...and hundreds of reporters and paparazzi gathered at her house and the courthouse.

Once newsman just stated: "This has all spawned from a pseudo 'celebrity' being charged with a misdemeanor offence...who cares?" There was a short pause, then he said: "I guess we do."

Do we? Do we really? Or is it really just about what the networks and newspapers choose to deem 'news' and the rest of us either have to accept it, or turn it off.



Juniper said...

OMG.... I don't have tv at work! Click your t.v. back on Will and give us a play-by-play.

What is she going back to court for?

Did she assault someone while in prison (I would think that verbal insults are punishable by law)?

What is going on!?!?!

wcdixon said...

Sorry...I turned it off.

Callaghan said...


This is what it's come to.

Good Dog said...

Good grief. It even made the BBC news over here. Although it was some way down the running order, well after reports on the G8 summit - so at least there's something to be thankful.

It pretty much consisted of the spokesman outside the court who read the verdict. When a fan off camera wails "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" and the reporters and the like yell "Shut up!"

Too little, too late.

Anonymous said...

I started to lose it when CNN started reporting American Idol results mixed in with their news broadcasts