Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Committing To John From Cincinnati...

Borrowing a term coined by DMc, for me it was the final scene of the second a hospital room, friend of the family Bill stands over 13 year old Shaun. The teen lies in a coma, his neck broken from a surfing accident. They're about to pull the plug. Bill withdraws a pet cockatoo from inside his coat and tells it to "...kiss Shaun too while we're being stupid." The bird pecks the lad on the cheek, and Shaun wakes up.

Off Bill's stunned reaction, we go to closing credits as the song 'Staring At The Sun' from TV On The Radio plays underneath (okay, it's not the clip, but as close as I could find)...

Ooooo...the Commit moment.

And best use of a song in a TV show this year.


Callaghan said...

I haven't seen any episodes yet, but they're all saved on my PVR.

But if you're telling me that I can look forward to a combination of TV on the Radio and David Milch, well...I'm already committed.

Paul Levinson said...

It's a strange show, indeed. I'm getting to like it a little more with each episode. At this point, though, the thing I like most about John from Cincinnati is that it's fun to write about. John from Cincinnati: Episode 3

Anonymous said...

Love it, Ed O'Neill's character Bill seals the deal for me

"you who looks like someone smashed their face in with a board"

Callaghan said...

Finally watched Episode 2.

Dayton Callie from Deadwood, dressed up like Bowser from Sha Na Na.

Garret Dillahunt and Jim Beaver, both also from Deadwood.

Joe Strummer singing the opening theme song.

TV on the Radio singing the closing credits.

Consider me committed.