Sunday, June 03, 2007

"T" Minus One Week And Counting...

Been kinda bitchy lately. Not sure why. Found myself glowering a lot, slouched over my laptop...glaring at all those who dare approach. And wearing a lot of white undershirts....

"Yeah it's been hot lately but still, I NEVER wear undershirts. Hmmm..."

Then the other night I went to grab some takeout from this new Asian joint. Got outside and gave it a taste. The rice was cold. The ginger beef was tough and stringy. I considered returning to the establishment, slinging the Styrofoam cartons across the till, and demanding they cook me a new meal right then and there!

"I didn't return, but the fact that I even considered doing so was troublesome....not to mention fact I had also had a sudden craving for some cannoli and provolone. What could this mean?"

Then some punk was parked behind my car and I couldn't back up. He shows up with his goomah and starts giving me da gears...WTF? He's busting my balls?! I shoulda capped him!

"This is all very strange. Glowering. Crankiness. Italianisms. Mobspeak. Hmmm.."

Finally got home and the cats kept getting under my feet. I normally don't care but I found myself cursing loudly and throwing anything I could get my hands on at da friggin' furballs! But they kept dashing and ducking and staying outta range. Whaddya gonna do?

"Even my recent posts seemed kinda cranky...laced with snark and spit, bitching about life and the industry and the like...what is happening to me?"

Then it all came clear. Call it research, but I've had to rewatch the last three seasons of The Sopranos over the past couple weeks. And as good as it is, the show is dark...a 'glass half empty' kinda experience. And it has a way of rubbing off on in particular, I think. Make you feel and act and think a certain way. Like some kinda goombah. Capiche?

Could there be such a thing as Too Much Sopranos? Let's hope not. And if there is, it all comes to an end in a week anyway.

Cut to the Chase.

Now I'm off to see a shrink...


Emily Blake said...

But wasn't last night's episode amazing? I was genuinely on the edge of my seat. I felt like somebody was coming to kill me.

Juniper said...

Nice post!

I'm like that and I still have to watch the first season. Maybe I shouldn't watch, they might push me over da brink.


CAROLINE said...

As long as you don't whack anybody, we're ok.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Feeling any better now, you little crabgrass? ;-)


Anonymous said...

I sure hope they follow through on the prequel idea, the early years when Tony's father and young Uncle June were giving it