Thursday, May 03, 2007

You...Shake Your Junk.

That's what speaks to the kids these days...

Amp'd Mobile is apparently rocketing up the charts using this and other 'Entertain Yourself' commercials. Still means you're watching everything on a 2 inch screen, but the kids, ya know...they don't seem to care.


But it led me to a cool site called Ypulse (For A New Generation) - which is basically a daily crawl of links to all that is coolness for those that are teen and tween.

If you want to write for the youth market, hang out at this site for a while. There you can learn that email is the new 'snailmail' (texting baby, texting) and 'teen streamies' are teens that download more video than everyone else. You may not quite understand everything they're doing or saying - for example, this Kelly: Shoes vid was hugely popular..., okay...but seriously, go visit - it's a quick and effective way for us old folks to get inside those young heads so you can write 'em. Trust me, betches!



Juniper said...

OMG - Shoes!

Funny how the boy twin got the computer and the girl got the toy.... sheesh, glad all parents are like that!


Hughie Lewis meets Marilyn Manson???

Anonymous said...

One Christams I didn't get anything while my sibling got lots of things.

I cried of course then they brought the computer in for me.

Then I felt like a fucking idiot.

What a moron.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Omigod, I LOVE shoes!


The Film Diva said...

I keep trying to find more by that guy, that this is funny as hell.