Sunday, May 20, 2007

Almost Perfect?

William: So, Russell...what do you love about music?
Russell: To begin with...everything.

Best rock n' roll movie ever?



Callaghan said...

1. Spinal Tap.
2. Hard Core Logo.

DMc said...

Clearly 1. Has to be Spinal Tap.

But for two? I don't know. I'd be happy with:

2. Velvet Goldmine
2. 24 Hour Party People
2. Don't Look Back
2. The Committments
2. A Hard Day's Night

CAROLINE said...

I would put it at first, and Spinal Tap at second. I'd probably add Tommy and Stop Making Sense to the list somewhere, but not sure at what numbers. 24 Hour Party People, really? I thought it was a little self indulgent.

blueglow said...

the video's for "every rose has its thorn" by poison and "november rain" by GnR are fantastic rock and roll movies in that they embrace all that is cheesy and great about rock music

after that there is, of course, the tap but I also dig rude boy a lot.

Good Dog said...

Well, yes, as long as you're talking about Untitled - the extended cut, rather than the theatrical version of Almost Famous.

Picky, I know, but the extra 35 minutes make all the difference.


Pynchon said...

I saw that movie just after finishing reading a biography of Keith Moon and it comparison "Almost Perfect" seemed really tame.

wcdixon said...

Tap - yes.
24 Hour Party People - yes.
Rude Boy - yes.

But if we're making lists...

The Kids Are Alright
School Of Rock
New York Doll
Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Bill Cunningham said...

The Decline of Western Civilization
The Great Rock n' Roll Swindle
Decline 2: The Metal Years
Sid and Nancy
and yes, Stop Making Sense

jimhenshaw said...

From Britain:
"That'll Be The Day"
"A Hard Day's Night"
"The Commitments"

From America:
"American Hot Wax"
"Phantom of the Paradise"
"The Rose"
"The Idolmaker"
"Streets of Fire"
"The Buddy Holly Story"
"La Bamba"
"That Thing You Do"

"Almost Famous" is a terrific movie and "Spinal Tap" is a classic. But neither of them are about the music.

Dave said...

my teenage years:

Rust Never Sleeps

and not so teenage years

Stop Making Sense

wcdixon said...

Seems like we need sub categories:

a) concert movies
b) doc rock movies
c) movies about 'the music' (as the Henshaw states)
d) movies set in the world of rock n'roll

I guess I meant (d)...though there surely must still be an overall 'best of' in there somewhere.

Bill Cunningham said...

2 recent docs that I love (beyond the fact I coordinated the authoring and layout for their DVDs) are:

LIVE FOREVER (the story of "cool britannia")which is a great profile doc of brit music in the 90's intertwined with the people and politics in the post-thatcher era...

MAYOR OF THE SUNSET STRIP (the saga of Rodney Bingenheimer)which is a great portrait of a quiet, shy little guy who happened to be friends with a ton of famous people whose careers he helped launch. Whole generations of music lovers have been affected by this guy's decisions and they don't even know it, and while others went on to fame and fortune Rodney lives in his mother's old house and rides the bus.

Callaghan said...
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Callaghan said...

Gotta add to my original comment.

-forgot about the Committments. Tied for 2nd with Hard Core Logo.
-I didn't include docs...I was thinking along the same lines as Dixon...movies in the rock n' roll world.
-If we're including docs and concert movies, then c'mon people....why haven't these been mentioned:

The Last Waltz
Gimme Shelter
Don't Look Back
No Direction Home
Standing in the Shadows of Motown

Callaghan said...

Oops, DMc did mention Don't Look Back.

Anyway Will, great topic.

Anonymous said...

The Horse Whisperer.

Callaghan said...

I think Jutra is kidding, but The Horse Whisperer actually had killer soundtrack. Steve Earle, Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, Dwight Yoakam.

Great album....

blueglow said...

it makes my heart heavy that "rock and roll high school" has yet to be mentioned.

Good Dog said...

Oh, and there's Still Crazy - whichever category that falls into.

Juniper said...

I loved Hedwig.... gotta find the soundtrack and listen to it again!

Westside Story
From Justin to Kelly!