Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Financial Details of the Agreement were not Disclosed...

...but I bet they didn't come cheap .

From Playback and Variety:
NFL lands on CTV

For the first time, the most-watched sporting event in North America will air on CTV, as the network announced Tuesday it has secured a three-year broadcast deal with the National Football League that includes ratings powerhouse the Super Bowl.

From CTV:
"Securing a strong appointment brand like the NFL is in keeping with our program strategy of generating continued upward momentum across the entire CTV schedule," said CTV prexy of programming and chair of the CTV Media Group Susanne Boyce.

From Global (who lost the NFL rights):
"At the end of the day, however, the business reality presented wasn't one that we deemed economically sound in the long term for our networks or our advertising partners," said programming boss Barbara Williams, adding that the broadcaster will be "reinvesting these programming dollars in the acquisition and production of primetime content."

Production of primetime content?!

Perhaps this is the injection of support into indigenous drama we were looking for from the CRTC...just kinda indirectly sort of you know.


jimhenshaw said...

The story I've heard from people in the sports broadcasting community is somewhat different.

There were at least two instances this year where Global missed game changing scoring plays (one during the playoffs) because they were on a commercial break and came back to the NFL games late.

Unlike the NHL, the NFL flexes its muscles with broadcasters who don't deliver their content as promised. Global then completely blew it by cutting the trophy presentation and final ceremonies at the Superbowl to go directly to the "Canadian" version of "Deal or No Deal". At that point the NFL decided to offer their content elsewhere.

A couple of weeks ago, the NFL apparently did some arm twisting at ABC getting them to cancel Bryan Singer's pilot for "Football Wives" because they didn't like the way it depicted professional football.

These guys protect their brand and they don't play around.

I hope Global does use the extra money in their pockets to create extra programming, but the NFL is a pretty specific audience demographic to lose.

Maybe that's how their financing additional episodes of "Durham County".

Bill Cunningham said...

and Will?

You'll notice the word "acquisition" was before the word "production" in the statement you highlighted...a leopard doesn't change its spots overnight.

wcdixon said...

Don't think I didn't notice...just trying to be optimistic.