Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some Top Tens and Blogging Peaks!

Sorry for more punting, as I slog through shopping, family gatherings, kids Xmas concerts - and 'best of' lists...I always love a good 'best of' list (or 'worst of' list) - here's a few worth purusing:

Stephen King's movie list and music list - worth pointing out his poke at the studios regarding the number of movies he chose NOT to see because he was busy being entertained while watching good television.

A preview aside, Coldplay is relatively new to the music video game, but 'The Scientist' was a revelation...

Chicago Tribune's ten top and runner-up ten television programs...don't worry, except for the exclusion of 'Heroes', they're all pretty much there - no real surprises.

And Gartner's Inc. researchers predict blogging will 'peak' in 2007, and we can all go back to living life again or onward to the next fad.

And 'poof', just like that...he's gone.


Good Dog said...

I found it difficult coming up with a Top 10 movie list because I didn't see enough new films.

Top 10 television programmes... Now that's a different matter because I'd be scratching my head figuring out which series to leave out.

Who the hell wants to troop off to the multiplex when better material is available from the comfort of your home.

Great video. He must have got driving letters from my sister.

Good Dog said...

Or even driving lessons.

Callaghan said...

Really glad to see that the Chicago Tribune included season five of The Shield on their list.

Best show on television. There, I said it.