Thursday, December 28, 2006

More Year End Lists...

Some more year in review lists...the best and worst of TV from USA Today, one for music/cd's (Dylan? TV On The Radio more like it) and movies (The Departed would be my pick as well) from Rolling Stone....the San Fran Chronicle gives a nice overview of the cable television scene...and the following list from Nelson Branco:

The stars and shows that shaped one what many are calling the best year of television ever.

Most improved actress: Kate Walsh, Grey’s Anatomy
Reminiscent of a young Rita Hayworth, Walsh finally got in the zone and made Addison a complex, vulnerable and shockingly cathartic human, who struggles each day with her sexual urges.
(I never really watched Grey's, but my eldest daughter is a big fan)

Best TV Show: The Wire
The Peabody Award-winning series has reached God-like status with critics and the viewers who are actually smart enough to be watching. Season 4 is a spectacular
unveiling of superior writing, gritty directing and bone-chilling acting.
(have seen enough of them to appreciate it, but need to go dvd and start from the beginning)

Worst TV show: Justice
As much as we adore Victor Garber, there is no justification for what a thespian of his calibre is doing on a horribly written, woodenly acted, over-produced and self-indulgently directed mess.
(watched one...moved on)

Best finale: Will & Grace
As Jack and Karen sang “Unforgettable” to each other, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally broke our hearts by breaking character and addressing the poetic lyrics to each other — and to us.
(didn't see it)

Most improved show: ER
Just when you thought NBC’s former No. 1 show was ready to check into the morgue, Dr. Delicious (John Stamos) comes along and saves the series from extinction.
(stopped watching years ago)

Best new show: Heroes
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a superhit! These spellbinding superheroes have us all believing they were blessed with superpowers in real life. Their mission? To save NBC.
(fair enough...but Dexter would win my vote)

Best newcomer: Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera Ferrera has captured North America’s imagination with her charm and beauty — and will certainly win a slew of awards in 2007.
(watched one...moved on)

Biggest miracle: Julia Louis Dreyfus breaks the Seinfeld curse, proving the Seinfeld curse may have been more propaganda than reality. Dreyfus not only hit one out of the ballpark, but she also took an Emmy home for The New Adventures of Old Christine.
(watched a few...cute)

Worst plot device: The hatch, Lost
Thank goodness they blew it up!

Best love story: Lyla and Jason, Friday Night Lights
Only this show could make the beautiful cheerleader and her quarterback boyfriend into tragic figures. Will Jason ever forgive Lyla for cheating on him with his best friend? Will Lyla ever accept the reality of Jason’s paralysis? Here’s hoping these two Texas teens can work it out in 2007.
(again, watched one...moved on)

Biggest coup d’├ętat: Star Jones
Another fantastic coup d’├ętat was Barbra Walters “firing” Star Jones from The View by making it look like she actually quit. Brilliant!
(no opinion)

Sexiest TV star: Wentworth Miller, Prison Break
At the end of the day, we only watch the series for one reason and one reason only — to feast our eyes on the arresting hunk.
(I suppose..but what about Moon Bloodgood?)

Best couple: Dr. Will & Janelle, Big Brother
There’s a reason why there are hundreds video tributes on in honour of this hot love story that never was.
(no opinion)

Biggest controversy: Survivor: Cook Islands
Splitting up this season’s Survivor contestants into four distinct tribes separated by race ignited a firestorm of controversy, but after Episode 2 it became a non-issue. What’s more, once the series unraveled it turned out to be one of the best seasons in Survivor’s history.
(no opinion)

Best chemistry: Pam and Jim, The Office
Soap operas would kill for the chemistry that John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer have.

Best season-ender: Grey’s Anatomy
It was the finale that would not stop giving — four hours to be exact!
(no opinion)

Entertainer of 2006: Kiefer Sutherland, 24
Our favourite insomniac finally earned two Emmys and announced plans for a 24 movie. He also tackled a Christmas tree.
(fair enough)

Best actor: Hugh Laurie, House
Laurie has taken TV acting a new level by creating a character so vivid he actually feels real to us.
(no argument here)

Performance of the year: Jean Smart, 24
As the beleaguered First Lady, Smart proved a former designing woman could still look fierce and act her designer duds out.
(not sure the diff between actor/actress and performance)

Best comedian: Steve Carrell, The Office
With critics bemoaning the death of the sitcom, the industry should take notes and at least try to mimic what this show does so well.
(sure, not a lot to choose from though)

More as they come in...


Good Dog said...

I think I've figured out my mission in life... it's to get people to watch The Wire. There really is nothing better on the box. (A few equals, maybe).

Get the DVDs. But make sure you have some spare time. They really are addictive.

Caroline said...

Good stuff, Will. I agree with the stuff about Grey's, and New Adventures of Old Christine. Poor Victor Garber. It had potential as an idea. The guy from Dawson's Creek killed that show (so did the theme song).

In Wentworth Miller's defense, his show didn't get cancelled and he is the star (not the albeit "hot" supporting player).

Guessing the difference between actor/actress and performance is that the first is for a continuing role and performance is more of a guest role (even if Jean Smart did guest the whole season, presumably she's out in the new season).

Good Dog, you better start with me. I've yet to see a single episode. Sell me.