Wednesday, April 11, 2007

That's What She Said!

Okay...time for some subliminal's five inches but it's thick... yay, hockey pool underway...who wants some manmeat...seriously need something new to do...I want you to ride me as hard as you can...since I finished up some work stuff this, that is really hard...and the University class is all done...tomorrow I'm going to be in an intense six hour foursome with three other, now what?!

I hope this left you satisfied and smiling.


jimhenshaw said...

So pleased you landed NBC as a sponsor! It's interesting how well they've managed to replicate the user mashup concept into their marketing model. Does Youtube share any of the revenue they get from the network with you?

Good Dog said...


Finally got around to seeing an episode of 30 Rock.

Baldwin is a comedy god!

wcdixon said...

I agree...Balwin 'owns' that role.

Juniper said...

That was funny... but almost too polished to not be network.

Still have to see 30 Rock.

Finally saw renegade on APTN at 9:30 - I'll watch again, she says.