Friday, April 20, 2007

Let's Hug It Out, B*tch

In commemoration of a new season of Entourage..."I will choke you out with a strap on!"....Friday Fun is ├╝beragent Ari Gold's greatest hits (definitely NSFW).

These snippets are fantastic examples of how a series/script with a decent but not mind-blowing premise can be sold as long as you've got at least one memorable character with some really wicked dialogue.

Because he makes me smile...


Good Dog said...

Ah, Ari. He's a card!

But I was kind of disappointed that at no point we got a "That's what she said!"

Thanks for the laughs. Have a great weekend.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

I came across that video a while back. Occasionally, folks who don't work in or really understand the business ask me what it is that I do as a celeb publicist & talent manager. I email them the link to this video and say "I work with/for assholes like this every day -- and secretly plan their "unfortunate" fatal car crash in my limited spare time."