Monday, April 16, 2007

Pearl's PISSED!

When stuff goes down like it did today at Virginia Tech, I just feel ill. And then seeing the news channels scramble to fill the day with 'interviews' and 'testimonials' (just leave them alone!) or trying to lay blame (if I hear another 'caster wonder "why the campus wasn't locked down earlier?") it makes me wanna puke.

Three words...tougher gun control.

So watch Will Ferrell trying to stall paying rent to his little 'landlord'... cuz even though it's kind of silly and a one-note joke, today it made me smile (a little).

Thanx NY Bro...

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miss-cellany said...

That news has yet to reach the UK. Sad thing is, that it might not do either... Makes my blood run cold to even think about it.

On another note, thankyou for leaving a comment over at my place. Really good to meet someone out here from Canada; was on the verge of moving to BC a few years ago so it holds a special place in my heart.