Thursday, April 12, 2007

Let The Trash Talk Commence!

Dave Moses: Uhm. Sorry. I'm just wondering... Where is the trash-talking going on? I just wanted to trash-talk some of the guys.

Is Dix here?

Oh hi, Dix.

Yeah. Uhm. Hey, Mr. Last Place! How's it going down there?

That's all for now.

I won't make a habit of this (especially if I remain in the basement), but you can go HERE to check the current standings for the inaugural Infamous Writers Playoff Pool. The pool number you enter is: 53762 and the password is: stanley

1 Micah Reid 10
1 Larry Raskin 10
3 Denis McGrath 9
4 Dave Moses 7
4 Michael Foster 7
6 Mark Farrell 6
7 Jim Henshaw 5
7 John Whaley 5
7 Juniper 5
7 Bill Cunningham 5
11 Mark Askwith 2
12 Will Dixon 1

I know it's only after one day, but still....yeeesh.


DMc said...

Oh Dix,
thasss just sad.

Oil your skate for you there, prairie boy?

how's that?

Bill Cunningham said...

I'll say nothing because I know nothing. Thank you for the pointers.

Anonymous said...

I have a bad feeling Bill will end up beating all our asses with his mad pulp player choosing skills.

M J Reid said...

Woo! Tied for first!
Of course, this may be the only point during the whole playoffs that I'll be out in front. Then again, maybe my semi-but-not-entirely-scientific choices will come out on top. At the very least I should pick up some writer mojo by osmosis. Fun!

Dave said...

the scores have been updated.

welcome dix to the thin air of these lofty heights.

wcdixon said...

That's better...

But Raskin...sneaky solid.

Bill Cunningham said...

Apparently I'm not a TOTAL suck ass, which in light of everything is pretty damn amazing. I guess that diet of 4-leaf clovers and rabbits feet paid off.