Monday, April 09, 2007

The Infamous Writer's Hockey Pool (Redux)...

Only a day and a half left to enter the first annual blogger/writer/whatever playoff pool.

Come on's just for fun. Even if you don't really care, just pick twelve names and see what happens. Again...

You join "The Infamous Writer's Hockey Pool" by sending an email to Jim Henshaw at with "POOL PICKS" in the subject line.

In your email, list the 10 skaters and 2 Goalies who make up your team. It needs to arrive by 6:00 PM EST Wednesday night (April 11/07).

And for even more info on how to make your picks, I direct you to this little video now playing over on the TSN Broadband site.

And I'd be curious to find out whether our friends south of the border can access this site/video. I wonder because I experienced some aggravation last week trying to watch the live streaming video coverage of Amen Corner at the Masters golf tourney. This wonderful coverage was shown last year on, and was even on last Thursday during the first round of the tournament. But come Friday morning, when I logged on, I was greeted by the message: 'This coverage is only available to residents of the United States.'

I sputtered and spat and gnashed and spat some more. And after sending several angry emails and getting nowhere, I eventually found the stream on the TSN website. But only on Friday. It wasn't available Saturday or Sunday via the net here in Canada.

Now I'm sure most of you are thinking "Golf, meh." --- but for us diehards, it was heartbreaking.... heartbreaking, I tell you.

Playoff hockey pool. Sign up!


Juniper said...

Just signed up! Whooo!

Now I'm excited to watch.... not that I wasn't before (o'kay, I wasn't really , somehow putting names on a numbered list brings it on home.

And way to go Canadian Women's team: 5-1 over USA.

Anonymous said...

You bet against Canada?

The Beaver God is flapping his tale in displeasure.

Dave said...

Uhm. Sorry. I'm just wondering... Where is the trash-talking going on? I just wanted to trash-talk some of the guys?

Is Dix here?

Oh hi, Dix.

Yeah. Uhm. Hey, Mr. Last Place! How's it going down there?

That's all for now.