Friday, March 23, 2007

Sabres 5 Leafs 4...


Leafs up 4-1 well into the third period...and Buffalo scores four unanswered goals.


I've been a Leaf supporter since moving to Canada in the early 70's. I had no idea about hockey but the first friend I made was a rabid fan (or as rabid as a 10 year old could be). So in an effort to fit in, I ordered pennants and pins and programs and and pucks and clocks and any other memorabilia I could get my hands on to adorn my walls.

And I stuck with them through the ups and downs (mostly downs), thick and thin (mostly thin)...and I know I'm not alone in that department. And there's been a couple of times over the past decade where I've tried to tune out hockey or get behind another team...but it doesn't seem to be possible.

Do we ever give up on our 'teams'? I mean, I've tried...but dammit if they don't always pull me back in, 'specially this time of year as the playoffs approach.

But time is running on on this season.



Webs said...

I learn this now?

Get ready for another loss tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The Canucks will set you free! We have room for all Canadians' fandom! Toronto has never served you well!

And we have Swedish twins on our team!

wcdixon said...

Jutratest...vanishes from blogland only to return and unison with webs it appears.

No!!! "shake fist at sky"

Callaghan said...

Leave them behind and join us long-suffering Toronto Raptors fans. After 4 long seasons of dreck, the Raps are first in their division and have loads of talent.

And they even have a real GM.

Join us and enjoy.

Bill Cunningham said...

Now here's the team to root for:

(holds hands to ears for the inevitable thunderclap of guffaws from Due North)

Robert Hogan said...

I grew up in LA when Gretzky was the Kings. That's when I became a Maple Leaf fan. I still am, all these years later. Even living a few miles from Nationwide Arena (home of the Blue Jackets) I'm still a Leaf fan. Once you get it in your blood you can't get it out.

I have to say I'm also a Jackets fan, and it's been much easier being a Leaf fan than a Jackets fan.

jimhenshaw said...


Blowing a 4-1 lead in 9 minutes. It never ends...

Went through the house last night and gathered up all sharp objects, firearms, rope and containers with a skull and crossbones.

These have been shipped to you, Please don't return to sender until about a week after we're finally -- and once again -- eliminated.

gdott said...

Jutratest has got it right. Always been a Canucks fan always will. Even while growing up in Ontario I couldn't bring myself to back the leafs. Was a Habs fan when I was a kid. Still have the soft spot for them. But the Canucks got it going on! C'mon, jump aboard the bandwagon. The only hope in an otherwise bleak Canadian showing this season.

wcdixon said...

According to their website the leafs are AWESOME.