Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pinching A Quiz...

Nicked from David Moses...the latest Sergio Leone movie quiz.

1) What movie did you have to see multiple times before deciding whether you liked or disliked it?

Way back when it was Stardust Memories. More recently, it was Dodgeball...

2) Inaugural entry into the Academy of the Overrated

David Fincher

3) Elizabeth Pena or Penelope Cruz?

Penelope Cruz...mmmm...

4) Favorite sly or not-so-sly reference to another film or bit of pop culture within another film.

Not so sly...Scary Movie 1, 2, 3, or 4

5) Favorite Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger movie

Peeping Tom...for that title in the 60's if anything

6) Your favorite Oscar moment

Lawrence Olivier's touching speech after receiving a lifetime achievement Oscar...and more recently, Jon Stewart's quip last year about "Oscars for Three 6 Mafia...1, Martin Scorcese...0"

7) Hugo Weaving or Guy Pearce?

Tough one. Weaving sparkled in Proof and as Agent Smith...but Pearce wowed in LA Confidential and Memento. A tie.

8) Movie that you feel gave you the greatest insight into a world/culture/person/place/event that you had no understanding of before seeing it.

Andy Warhol's Frankenstein, and David Lynches Eraserhead...for insight into the depth of darkness in a filmmakers mind.

9) Favorite Samuel Fuller movie

No idea

10) Monica Bellucci or Maria Grazia Cucinotta?

...mmm...Monica Bellucci...

...although Cucinotta is also pretty mmm...

Tale of the tape...both top out at over 5'10"...can act...sexy accents...why, they're practically twins...

Another tie.

11) What movie can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?


12) Conversely, what movie can destroy a day’s worth of good humor just by catching a glimpse of it while channel surfing?

Matrix Reloaded or Matrix Revolutions

13) Favorite John Boorman movie


14) Warren Oates or Bruce Dern?

Neither do much for me so I'll say Matthew McConaughey so I can post a pic for the ladies

15) Your favorite aspect ratio?


16) Before he died in 1984, Francois Truffaut once said: “The film of tomorrow will resemble the person who made it.” Is there any evidence that Truffaut was right? Is it Truffaut’s tomorrow yet?

That question is so yesterday.

17) Favorite Werner Herzog movie

A toss up between Aguirre Wrath of God and Fitzcaraldo...Klaus Kinski is insane

18) Favorite movie featuring a rampaging, oversized or otherwise mutated beast, or beasts


19) Sandra Bernhard or Sarah Silverman?

Silverman...sure, she seems like a handful, but I think she's all talk

20) Your favorite, or most despised, movie cliché

"I'm too old for this shit."

21) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom-- yes or no?


22) Favorite Nicholas Ray movie

I'll say Johnny Guitar, cuz I've never actually seen Rebel Without A Cause

23) Inaugural entry into the Academy of the Underrated

Albert Brooks

24) Your favorite movie dealing with the subject of television

Yeah...gotta love Broadcast News

25) Bruno Ganz or Patrick Bauchau?

Patrick Bauchau...for The Pretender

26) Your favorite documentary, or non-fiction, film

The contemporary rock n' roll doc...Dig!

27) According to Orson Welles, the director’s job is to “preside over accidents.” Name a favorite moment from a movie that seems like an accident, or a unintended, privileged moment. How did it enhance or distract from the total experience of the movie?

No idea. Seems like a question you need to have watched/heard a lot of DVD commentaries to know if something was a 'happy accident'.

28) Favorite Wim Wenders movie

Paris Texas...no question. This film really inspired me when I first viewed it, and Ry Cooder's soundtrack smoldered...

29) Your favorite movie tag line?

It's a little embarrassing, but mine is from Reform School Girls. It went something like: "They're bad, they're beautiful...and they take long long showers." Now I still have the poster so I know it exists, but every copy I could find online had the same image but this tagline: 'Some get tough...some go insane...some will die.'

I like mine better.

30) As a reader, filmgoer, or film critic, what do you want from a film critic, or from film criticism? And where do you see film criticism in general headed?

Like Moses, I just want my film criticism to be entertaining...and not give away the plot.

There you have it...take your potshots.


Emily Blake said...

Oh yeah. You know, there are people who say McConaughey should put his damn shirt on. I disagree. I say, if a hot guy wants to go shirtless all the time, why should we stop him?

If he's not hot, different rules apply.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

I'm right with you, Emily, and if he wants to do that in my living room, who am I to complain?


Good Dog said...

Peeping Tom over A Matter of Life and Death or The Red Shoes or The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp?

Wait a sec.....

Can I be an incredible P&P nerd here and say your answer is invalid because it was made by Michael Powell without Emeric Pressburger.

-- Nerd Dog

Juniper said...

I found Paris Texas tooooo violent for me. The bottle scene ended the movie for me - and you liked it because?????

wcdixon said...

Paris Texas...violent?

Think we're talking about different movies, Jun.

bstockton said...

4:3, really? I didn't know you were so sqaure.


Juniper said...


I spoke too soon. I was thinking of the Dennis Hopper movie Paris Trout....

oops - now I wonder if I was just imagining it all. Darn those violent dreams/nightmares.

Dave said...

hey dix, i just saw Fire Walk with Me on Space the other night... you a Lynch kinda guy? I need to chat with somebody who either loved it or hated it.