Monday, March 26, 2007

Do You Know Why My Daddy Left Me? Bueno!

For those of us who have kids (or even those who don't), this SNL TV Funhouse riff on 'Dora The Explorer' is just too funny.

"If Mittens chose to save Baby Penguin based on his beliefs, and Mitten's beliefs are not in his direct control, does Mitten's really have free will?"



Heart Of Darkness said...

I love the SNL clip with Jim Carrey, Chris Kattan and teh third guy, "dancing" in the car to the sounds of "What is love". Post that one!


Juniper said...

That was sooo funny. As one who loves Dora it was a little hard watch it being poked fun of .... but it was funny.

Please don't tell me they'll spoof Backyardigans next. This morning I heard Clezmere (sp?) thanks to those imagination play lovers.

Does anyone else out there watch cartoons even when the kids aren't?