Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Holding Steady...But Still Punting

Yes, I realize I've been booting the ball elsewhere of late, linking and lifting quotes, but you see...I have a fractured rib!

Geez, it hurts. To breathe, to turn, to lift, to cough, to laugh...oh man, don't make me laugh.

Two to three weeks minimum before the pain starts to abate says the doc...and there's nothing you can do except take things slow and eat lots of Advil.

But having a good time catching up with NY Bro. He's in town from Brooklyn, and apparently there's quite the little indie music scene going on there. It's turned out some cool groups like The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, TV On The Radio, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. He pointed me in the direction of this local band starting to break out...a little bit Counting Crows meets early Springsteen meets Bob Mould. The band is The Hold Steady, the song is 'Stuck Between Stations', performed recently on the Letterman Show.

"She was a damn good dancer, not all that great of a girlfriend.
He liked the warm feeling but was tired of all that dehydration."

Pretty rock steady cool.

Makes me feel like I'm young again, in college again, pain-free again. Sigh.


DMc said...

That sucks Will, but you really should not be listening to the Hold Steady right now.

I suggest Norah Jones. You see the Hold Steady just rock too motherfucking hard -- and rocking hard is the last thing you should be doing right now.

"I got really high hanging in the chill out tent. I never saw that girl again."

wcdixon said...

I said: don't. make. me. LAUGH.

Crashdummie said...

How did you manage to do that?!?

Heal well my friend :)


CAROLINE said...

Throw on the Corinne Bailey Rae. Nice and peaceful, no rockin', but soothing.

Good thing your bro came out to visit ... that was pre-accident, right? Maybe you should look into having your groceries delivered, at least in winter, since you're getting up there in years ;-) (ducking for cover on that one)

I know how painful it is, I broke a rib once when I actually used to be athletic and figure skated. And not to lecture, but you will heal slower because you're a smoker :-(

You may want to try taking a high dose calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement. You're looking for one that is about this strength:

I know that sounds weird, but there's a lot of studies that suggest if you take such a supplement, it can really help reduce pain while strengthening the bones. Trust me, it takes a while, but it does work and does help (and certainly won't hurt you since it is all good stuff your body likes and needs anyway).

Feel better.

The Film Diva said...

I'd send you a hug, but since you are such a hot-house flower nowadays, imagine me tossing you air kisses from afar. This too shall pass....

And try adding some Glucosamine/MSM and Shark Cartilage to that Calcium/magnesium supplement.

Bill Cunningham said...

I suggest Celine Dion because you ned to sleep and heal...