Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hospital Blues...

Wasn't that an early Neil Young tune?

Feel like I'm just sucking up for the sympathy comments here, but spent much of the past 24 hours in the hospital ER again and then the children's ward after my youngest daughter began vomiting and coughing up blood after not sleeping or eating for a day. She's had a cold/flu off and on for that past couple weeks. Monday she seemed fine. Tuesday afternoon she started fading again and came home from school. Wednesday afternoon? Hospital bound...and ironically, she was examined in an ER room two doors down from where the parental unit was back on the weekend. Interns and nurses were saying hello and welcoming me back.

Speaking of the parental unit, physical recovery is on track...but several disconcerting side effects have emerged that have everyone at the hospital baffled. Not good. House? Where are you?!

NY Bro dropped everything to come back home and help out, but is presently stranded in Toronto in the blizzard that enveloped the prairies most of Wednesday (right, forgot about that....getting stuck twice trying to get to University to cancel class I teach and then again trying to get back to the hospital).

But no need to comment...I'm sure far more people out there had tougher days (a quick stroll around the pediatric ward in any hospital will show you that...heartbreaking). It's just a quick update and back to the hospital. Young one (who doesn't have mono as first thought) and old one should be released tomorrow if no complications ensue. Thanks to friends and family for stepping up and helping out.

Friday Fun are some spoof PSA's from the gang at 'The Office'.

Oh, and as far as the previous post...let's just say I've never hitchhiked in my life, nor ever been manhandled by security...but as for nailing Susanna Hoffs, I prefer to remember it as 'making love'.

Be well.

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CAROLINE said...

Heh. I should have realized your too sensible to ever have hitchhiked, even in your misspent yute.

Hope the wee one is getting better, and the parental, too. Lordy, life isn't easy for you these days, is it? Very glad to hear your brother is coming out to lend a hand because though I'm sure you can handle whatever life throws at you, sometimes having the moral support is pretty great.

Still thinking good thoughts, sending prayers and expecting positive news from clan Dixon.