Monday, June 08, 2009

When It Doesn't Rain It Snows

So I'm HERE for a few days.

This is the KINDA STUFF that's going on.

The weather has been kinda COLD and RAINY.

But so far so good. Ink Canada's 'Rumble in the Rundle' last night was good fun.

Heritage Minister James Moore said HE WASN'T WORRIED about the future of Canada's culture, including its film and TV industries.

That said, continuing to crack the U.S. market seems to be the top order of EVERYONE'S BUSINESS.

Some memorable quotes:

"I dress down for meetings with agents"

"Neo Nazis hated my movie...shouldn't that be a good thing?"

"TV isn't dead...not by a long shot."

If you see me, come say hello. More as it happens.

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