Sunday, June 07, 2009

My Beautiful, My Beautiful Balloon

I don't have much else to say other than Disney/Pixar's Up took me up, up and away. Dazzling, stunning, moving, touching...a deft blend of whimsy and poignancy, heartache and life-affirming spirituality...if you're an adult you really don't need the 'just taking the kids' excuse to see this movie (though that was my excuse).

I was impressed by pretty much every aspect of Up, but what especially won me over was the score composed by Michael Giacchino. Listen to 'Married Life', an early piece that underscored a beautiful five minute 'silent sequence' sans dialogue, and established the recurrent musical medody that reverberates from beginning to end:

Later in the film, under another 'silent sequence', Giacchino performs a sparse, sad version of the above tune...which gave me the opportunity to explain variations on a theme in film scoring to my youngest daughter after she exclaimed: "Hey...that sounded the same as before, but different!"

The simple marriage of this melancholy melody with these two very different yet dramatic sequences was so emotionally pure in its aching sincerity, I was genuinely moved while a cartoon no less!

Oh, and in case I've got you thinking it was all drama all the time... the talking dog with the high squeaky voice killed.

Best film I've seen this year. Giddy Up and go.

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