Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Losing Your Show Is Like...

Everyone says having your show cancelled is like a death but I've been dead before and at least when you're dead you don't get thrown off the Warner Bros. lot for haunting your old parking space. They probably mean it's like the death of a friend or a family member but that shit only hurts when it's YOUR friend or family member and even then it's mitigated by age, lifestyle and whether that person was a Hollywood friend or a real one and whether that family member left you money.

Losing your show is more like a surprise divorce where you get served papers in the morning and your (ex)wife is fucking Human Target by three in the afternoon using the same time slot your child was conceived in and also where she did that one thing that one time on your birthday.

I'm sure this has been everywhere already, but I just read it. And I howled...through the tears.

Josh Friedman posts the above and more about the final days of his TV series, The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Feel his pain HERE.

I've been lucky I suppose...as in, knowing ahead of time it was going to be the final season for all five TV series I was involved with at the end. We weren't cancelled as much as stopped. It didn't feel great...but it wasn't a shock either. Getting cancelled, on the other hand, gots to be a pretty tough pill to swallow.

PS A note to newbies to the media blog circles --- if you've never visited I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing... Go. Now. Find Friedman's archives, start at the beginning, and treat yourself to some of the funniest insider film/tv industry reading out there...from one of the 'original six'.

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