Thursday, June 18, 2009

Musical Interlude

Trying to shake my head clear of some of the wonky Canadian TV Biz white noise that's become a recurrent theme round here of late...hopefully some quick and dirty musical notes on some of my preferred recent cd purchases will do the its now summertime (finally), and the living should be easier.

Life And Times - Bob Mould

Dark, edgy, electric...more Sugar than Solo...'Life And Times' isn't some brand new thing, but any Mould is better than no Mould in my opinion. SAMPLE.

LotusFlow3r - Prince

Two great cd's that could've been one brilliant one (isn't that always the case?), but still plenty worth grooving to, and lotsa lotsa guitar...that boy still can play. SAMPLE.

Townes - Steve Earle

Tribute album to late singer/songwriter Townes Van Zandt, but Earle still makes the songs his own. Heart-wrenchingly beautiful. SAMPLE.

The Hazards of Love - The Decemberists

A folk rock concept album that tells a story...has a late 60's/early 70's feel, with every song flowing into the next one, which didn't seem like something I would like but I'm enjoying it...a lot. SAMPLE.

Secret, Profane, and Sugarcane - Elvis Costello

Reminiscent of country albums from early in Costello's career like 'Almost Blue' and 'King of America', it's like a nice lazy Sunday afternoon stroll. Nice. SAMPLE.


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