Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Will Takes It...And Banff Beckons

No, not this Will...or Wil Zmak for that matter (too many Will's!), but Will Pascoe who ends up on top of the 2nd Annual Infamous Writers/Bloggers Hockey Pool. Sure, it lacked the drama and excitement of last year's finish, but all and all, lots of good clean fun.

Jim Henshaw has the full wrap up over at his place (and thanks again Jim for driving the car, even if your picks sucked balls)

So, crashing the the Banff TV Festival this weekend. Little disappointed that our Don and most of the Writer's Mafia won't be there, but such is life - must be nice to be soooooooo busy.

And wearing several hats this year: Super Channel Development Rep, Story Editor/Writer, Television Director, Rock n'Roll Blogger...yet not really sure which chapeau I'll wear most. Nevertheless am still planning to give my irreverent yet entertaining (hopefully) daily updates as I have the past, but any ideas of where to hang or who to look for or what to try to learn, feel free to suggest away in the comments.

Oh yeah....the Western BBQ is back this year....niiiiiice.


jimhenshaw said...

Somebody once told me the BBQ is the only Banff event you really have to go to. Apparently people have so much fun they end up doing deals with everybody else to keep them quiet about what they did.

Now that's the way to run an industry!

Remember to only play Golf for money and have a great time.

Callaghan said...

Wish I could be there....maybe next year.

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