Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday This And That

Just some random stuff...

A new report from the CRTC via Playback/Media in Canada shows life is good so far for our cable, DTH satellite and multi-point distribution systems.

Profits for cable distributors such as Rogers, Cogeco, Shaw and Videotron cumulatively surpassed the $7-billion mark for the first time ever, marking an increase of 16.1% compared with 2006. Meanwhile, combined revenues for DTH and MDS companies, including Bell ExpressVu and Star Choice, soared to a new high of $1.85 billion.

It's the second year in a row that numbers are up for broadcast distributors.

Way to go, guys! Cable is the new black. And of course this means monies going back into Canadian production will be increasing accordingly right? Right? ...."crickets"...


For all of McGrath's long-winded (in the good way) insights and observations, he kinda buries the lead in a recent post with very short yet astute assessment of how to succeed in the world of TV series staff writing:

So here's my one-line craft advice for the aspiring:

Unless you can be fast, and I mean FAST, fast -- don't bother. You want to really be a value to a story department? Hone your skills in such a way that you can a) structure a story well and quickly. b) revise it even more quickly. c) write the outline in 48 hours d) in a pinch, write a solid first draft in a week.

If you can do that, and do that consistently, you may just be employable.

Okay, it's not really one line, but it's bang on the money. I could be that guy on occasion, but consistently and effectively...not so much. It's hard. Students of the game, take note(s).


And expecting to see a gritty intense UK film, I found myself at the wrong screening at the local independent cinema recently and plumped down in my seat as the Canadian feature film Emotional Arithmetic began. Has anyone seen (heard of?) this movie? Cast included the usual 'necessary for financing' mish mash of actors- Canuck staples Christopher Plummer and Roy Dupuis, staples Gabriel Byrne and Max Van Sydow....all headlined by American Susan Sarandon.
And I know I'm more Beavis than Bunuel, but I'll give pretty much anything a chance. Still lasted only about 30 minutes, growing more and more irritated and bored...then dozed off for about half an hour....awoke to find nothing had really changed or happened, so ducked out.

If we've finally left behind making films about young boys coming of age on the prairies, then let's start leaving behind dreary adaptations of dreary Canadian novels....puh-leaze.


Christina said...

Emotional Arithmetic? Sounds like a great name for a spoof of one of these sorts of films. I love heavy European dramas but this particular title is too much!

Cunningham said...

I never go to movies where the story arc is watching the (insert particular produce here) grow...

"Emotional Arithmetic"? Can you pick two other words out of the English language that equals "snoozefest?"

Juniper said...


Sounds like you need a lesson in reading.... not books but schedules!!!