Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Some Good Hockey

Thought I'd be posting the name of the victor of our playoff pool today, but Pens goaltender Fleury said 'not so fast'.

Can you say triple overtime?

Detroit has the better team, and they deserve to win the Cup (hopefully in 6 games...fingers crossed) - but they've run into a hot goalie...and when that happens, well, anything can happen.

As opposed to our pool, where Pascoe seems to have it pretty much locked up...

1 Will Pascoe 187
2 Scotty William 183
3 John Callaghan 177
4 Jeff Martel 174
5 Laurie Nyveen 169
6 Brian Stockton 162
7 Denis McGrath 161
7 Wil Zmak 161
9 Peter Allen Rowley 155
10 Will Dixon 154
11 Michael Foster 151
12 Mark Askwith 149
13 Juniper 148
14 Mark Farrell 136
15 Larry Raskin 131
16 Robert de Lint 116
17 Jim Henshaw 76

Oh well - was still fun...thanks to all for participating. And if the excitement has left the pool, hopefully we get some in spades with more good hockey later this week.


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for 2 more games like last night, not only were they good games but the outcome was great. Who calls their own shot like that? The answer is everybody but only one can be right; Sykora.


and listen in about 3:10 on this OT mash video, the US broadcast:

Juniper said...

I stayed up and watched the three OT periods only to fall asleep seconds before Sykora scored. Seconds!

The Sandman cheated me out of the excitement and bragging rights!


scottycwilliam said...

It was good fun. I knew I should have picked Brad Richards instead of Forsberg. Heh. And Fleury. Ah well.

I hope the pens pull off the upset. That'd be something.