Friday, June 06, 2008

Duh Duh Da Da Duh

The Hockey Night In Canada theme song is being put out to pasture, to be replaced by a song chosen from a national contest, and Scott Feschuk of Macleans magazine makes a Friday Fun meal out of CBC's 'brilliant idea'.

Question: Does everything now have to be a national contest? Must every freaking thing now be decided by audience vote, reality show, opinion poll, focus group or some other form of arduous, soul-sapping national consultation involving Farley Flex? Can’t some executive somewhere just make a goddamn decision without asking for a coast-to-coast show of hands? *

That said, just to cover my bases I nominate Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler as the new theme song for Hockey Night in Canada. Except sung by ninjas to give it more of a Saturday night vibe.

Read the whole hilarious post HERE - and you have to cruise back through Feschuks last week of entries to truly appreciate the Bonnie Tyler reference.

This has caused such an uproar across the nation, it's actually a little surreal. So listen again to the tune that has been called Canada's 2nd National anthem...or depending who you talk to, it IS the National Anthem.


Cunningham said...

Uh, guys?

This theme sounds like one of those late 60's early 70's theme tunes to a cop show.

All it lacks is Mike Connors or Jack Lord and that announcer telling us it's a "Quinn Martin Production."

wcdixon said...

You are absolutely right absolutely does --- and we love it that way.

I'm sure there are better examples, but I'd say it's like if The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson or The Late Show/Letterman or 60 Minutes or even Monday Night Football (Are You Ready For Some Football) changed their theme, via a contest.

Cunningham said...

Fair enough - I don't like the idea of a national contest either.

But I do think they could rework the tune a bit...


scottycwilliam said...

Thanks for posting that article. Hilarious. It's not surprising.

To be honest, I'd much rather see Bob Cole disappear than the theme song. His awful commentary puts me to sleep. His sidekick, Greg Millen, is just as bad.

I nominate Elliotte Friedman for play-by-play announcer and John Tortorella as the color analyst. Best team ever.

Blogger said...

Sprinter - DarKz (170BPM)