Monday, May 05, 2008

Playoff Pool Dog Days

In two unrelated statements, it's been a weird week, but good overtime game last night though.

It's interesting when you set up a hockey playoff pool where all the participants can choose the same players, because there's bound to be some duplication. But it can also get kinda boring by the time you reach the conference finals, as we have now, because if everyone has same players, it's almost impossible for much movement. Nevertheless, due to this duplication, we know right now that the participants who have Hossa or Fleury or Gonchar from Pittsburgh, or have Lidstrom or Hasek from Detroit, really have the only chance to make any gains.

And if Philly and Dallas win their respective series and meet in the cup, whoever is leading after the next round takes the pool. Crazy.

1 John Callaghan 139
2 Jeff Martel 136
3 Scotty William 131
3 Laurie Nyveen 131
5 Will Pascoe 129
6 Brian Stockton 127
7 Michael Foster 125
8 Juniper 122
9 Denis McGrath 119
10 Mark Askwith 117
11 Peter Allen Rowley 115
12 Will Dixon 108
13 Larry Raskin 105
14 Wil Zmak 104
15 Mark Farrell 100
16 Robert de Lint 78
17 Jim Henshaw 57

Continue to access the standings HERE... login: 73076 password: stanley

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