Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bigger... Faster... Better?

Anyone who's still watching the hockey these days (Pittsburgh...make it a series...puhleaze...) can't miss Viagra's new 'Intermission' ads. But what's the message to take away from these spots?

I dunno about you, but my take away is that Viagra will induce or inspire sex that lasts about 4 seconds...which is not necessarily what the advertiser wants you to think, I'd think.

And at four seconds a pop, why the ladies are always smiling at the end is beyond me...

Beavis has spoken.


jimhenshaw said...

For starters, thank God Pittsburgh finally put 4 seconds of hockey together and we finally have a series.

Here's the thing about those Viagara ads for me -- I watched tonight's game in an airport lounge that included a lot of Kids watching.

Maybe I'm way too old and out of touch, but I wondered what they were getting out of the spots.

Does CBC not know that a good portion of the audience for HNIC are kids who play minor hockey?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the kids don't have a clue. I remember watching Three's Company and suspecting there was something going on between men and women that I didn't know about, but I couldn't for the life of me figure it out.

Then one day my dad sat me down in front of the TV to watch an episode of Nova all about sexuality and it all made sense.

Then a few months later my older brother showed me some lesbian action in a porn mag and I was confused again (yet strangely intrigued).