Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gonchar vs. Hossa

That's what it comes down to as we head into the Stanley cup final...two players from the Penguins will determine the victor in the Infamous Writers & Bloggers hockey pool.

So it's pretty much over...Scotty William vs. Will Pascoe (sorry Callaghan...was a nice run), with the definite edge to Pascoe who has Hossa (unless Fleury makes like 3 shut outs and then Stockton would leapfrog everyone...but come on...)

1 Will Pascoe 167
2 Scotty William 166
3 John Callaghan 165
4 Jeff Martel 162
5 Laurie Nyveen 157
6 Brian Stockton 154
7 Denis McGrath 150
8 Michael Foster 144
9 Peter Allen Rowley 143
9 Wil Zmak 143
11 Juniper 140
12 Will Dixon 139
12 Mark Askwith 139
14 Larry Raskin 123
14 Mark Farrell 123
16 Robert de Lint 103
17 Jim Henshaw 72

Now let's see what game Henshaw cooks up for the rest of us in the final round...

Continue to access the standings HERE... login: 73076 password: stanley


jimhenshaw said...

The new contest is online at the Legion! Link us up Dix! Who says we can't get some life back in this thing!

wwwpascoe said...

It's a complete crapshoot at this point. Maybe Chris Osgoode will break a leg and then my goalie Hasek will play a meaningful game and I can get some decent points.