Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Make The Hockey Stop!!!!!

Soon, but not yet.

The Stanley Cup final starts Saturday, and since our 'official' playoff pool has come down to a two person horse race, Henshaw has come up with a side game for the rest of us. And it's open to anyone and everyone, not only poolies...just answer the following questions and email your answers to Jim at

1. The 2007-2008 Stanley Cup winner will be decided in:

a) Four Games
b) Five Games
c) Six Games
d) Seven Games

2. The total number of goals scored in the Final series will be:

a) Less than 20
b) 20 to 30
c) More than 30

3. The number of Octopi (Octopusses) flung on the ice on Opening night in Detroit.

a) One
b) Two
c) Three or More

4. "Hockey Night in Canada" icon Don Cherry always confidently predicts the winner of each game prior to the opening faceoff. For the FOURTH game of the series, he will be:

a) Correct
b) Incorrect
c) Politically incorrect while making his prediction

Note: For non-Canadian players -- CBC's "Hockey Night in Canada" is streaming all games at

5. The Leading Scorer in the series will be:

a) Henrik Zetterberg (Detroit)
b) Pavel Datsyk (Detroit)
c) Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh)
d) Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh)
e) Other

6. The Captain of the winning team is the first player to hoist the Stanley Cup and skate a victory lap. The Cup is then passed to each member of the winning team. And it's usually passed to someone the player with the Cup feels is deserving OR his roomie. The Goalie of the winning team will be:

a) One of the first six players to hoist the Cup
b) The Seventh to Twelfth player to hoist the Cup
c) One of the remaining players to hoist the Cup

Yikes...that last question feels like it could be from the mind of the twisted psycho killer in a sequel to Bon Cop Bad Cop (you Simon Says in Die Hard III)!!

Okay, some toughies in there...but c'mon, suck it up! It's free fun, and there's a prize for crying out loud!!

Again, entry is open to all current pool players and anybody else who needs to boost their self image. Entries with answers must be sent to anytime between now and the first faceoff of the first game on Saturday night.

Good times, good luck, but responsibly.

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